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What Issues Cause Blocked Drains in Auckland?

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Living in Auckland, you may be familiar with blocked drains in your gutters or seeing blocked stormwater drainage while walking on the streets. Being the most populated city in New Zealand, with more and more people moving in every day, it is common for drain pipes to become clogged or blocked. 

Here are some of the causes of why this is happening to your Auckland home:

Mother Nature

Nature is unpredictable and is one of the main causes of damage to our drains and blocking them. These can consist of:

Heavy Rain and Storms

Due to Auckland’s layout, it is easy for drain pipes to be attacked by heavy rain or storms. Rain can flood your pipes, and stormy winds can cause objects to fall on your pipes or rupture them, causing them to be blocked.

Constant water and wind can cause your drains to overflow and become backed up. If you have received an intense weather warning near your Auckland home, make sure to prepare your drains for these conditions.

Trees, Branches or Leaves

Having trees and bushes around your Auckland property can cause branches and leaves to block your drains. Root damage can also occur and is often unseen until its causing major issues. These blockages can damage your drains or cause them to overflow and flood your garden, or in worse circumstances; your house can be affected.

To avoid this, make sure you are constantly checking and clearing your drains while checking for damage and find out where pipes run underground so you can avoid planting trees nearby.


Gardening is a fun hobby and is common in Auckland homes. However, sometimes gardens can be blooming so well that underneath the soil, they may be growing roots that are blocking drains.

If you love to garden, keep an eye on any weeds growing strong roots into the ground or fruit falling from your trees and onto your drains to prevent them from being blocked.

Type of Pipe Installation

Drainage pipes have been around for years, and some of them may be too old, poorly installed or just don’t work for your area and need to be refreshed. Here are some things to check if you are concerned about the installation of your pipes causing a blockage:

The depth of your pipes 

The depth of your pipes is critical to monitor as it helps ensure that water can flow smoothly and freely through them. And if they do not meet the right standard, they can cause more unnecessary blockages.

Drainage Regulations

If you suspect that your pipes are blocked due to them not being installed properly, it is always good to check the drainage regulations in the area

Some areas only abide by sure drainage pipes and layouts, so check here to learn more about drainage regulations.

Home Maintenance 

Owning or renting a house calls for a lot of maintenance, chores and work that sometimes it’s easy to forget what it might be doing to your drains. Here are some examples:

Pouring grease or oil down your kitchen sink causes it to stick and build up in your pipes. Therefore blocking it. After a period of time, your pipes will be built up so thick with grease that nothing else can pass through.

Pouring Grease or Oil Down Your Drains

So avoid pouring oil or grease down your kitchen sink, and you won’t have to deal with serious issues with your pipes.

A Buildup of Food Waste

When you discard any leftover food or bits from dinner, make sure they go in the compost or waste bin. Instead of down the sink as that will cause blocked drains. Food waste in a drain is similar to what happens when oil or grease is in a drain, and it can cause a blockage.

Discarding food waste properly can clear your drains and avoid serious issues.


Pipes can get rusty and corrode easily and therefore fail, blocking debris.

If you do notice corrosion, check your pipes and get them serviced by professionals. As it can help prolong the life of your drains and prevent blockages. Consulting a drain laying professional if you’re concerned about your pipes can help you get them serviced quickly.


Taking matters into your own hands when fixing up your home can be fun and easy when doing it right. However, keep in mind these things that, when done wrong, can cause blockages to your drains:


Research different ground cover types that may suit your home and style. But it can also help water flow freely through your pipes and prevent blockages in your drains. 

It’s crucial to consider various types of ground cover that complement your home and personal style. So that they facilitate unobstructed water flow and prevent drainage blockages. Conducting thorough research on suitable ground cover options is essential in maintaining optimal drainage conditions on your property.

By carefully selecting the right ground cover, you can ensure that water moves freely through the pipes. While effectively preventing the accumulation of debris that could potentially cause drain clogs.

Runoff Installation

Regarding drainage planning in Auckland. It’s essential to consider the proper positioning of pipes to facilitate efficient water flow away from the property. The goal is to prevent water from collecting and pooling around the premises, which can result in blockages and potential damage.

To achieve adequate drainage, several factors need to be taken into account. The slope or gradient of the land plays a significant role in directing water flow. The pipes should be positioned to promote the natural downhill water movement, ensuring it is directed away from the property. This prevents water from stagnating and minimises the risk of blockages.

Furthermore, choosing pipe materials and their sizing is crucial in drainage planning. The pipes should be appropriately sized to handle the expected volume of water flow without causing any backups or overflows. Additionally, using durable and corrosion-resistant materials ensures the longevity of the drainage system.

Implementing effective drainage runoff systems is essential in Auckland’s climate, which experiences regular rainfall. By channelling water away from the property, you can prevent excess moisture accumulation in the soil. Leading to issues such as soil erosion, waterlogging, and the weakening of foundations.


If you have a blocked drain, pipe or gutter. Make sure you track back and check off all these possibilities for them.

The more you know about what causes blocked drains. The easier it can be to get someone to come in and help you fix it quickly and easily.

Here is an article with some professional drainage pointers that can save you money in the future.

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