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How To Adapt Climate Change With Good Drainage Systems

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At Fox Drainage, we know climate change has resulted in heavy and frequent downpours, leading to increased flooding, especially in urban areas. 

And New Zealand, especially Auckland, is no stranger to coastal flooding. While efforts taken to tackle the issue of climate change may still take a lot of time to materialise, it is crucial that we don’t test the limits of our property and infrastructure with such extreme weather events.

Sustainable living is the key to adapting to climate change, and needless to say, sound drainage systems can be of great help in mitigating its impact. Here’s how they can help:

Flood Control in Auckland:

Excess water could be collected and redirected away from urban areas with efficiently designed drainage systems. This could reduce the risk of flooding and help protect people, property, and infrastructure from its damaging effects.

Stormwater Management:

Intense storms demand proper stormwater management. A well-designed drainage system could help capture and store stormwater for later use, such as irrigation or replenishing groundwater supplies. This reduces runoff and allows for the sustainable utilisation of water resources.

Preventing Soil Erosion: 

Excessive rainfall often results in soil erosion, which can impact soil fertility as well as lead to sedimentation in water catchments. Effective drainage systems could help prevent erosion. By redirecting water flow and minimising its impact on the soil.

Water Quality Improvement for Auckland: 

Drainage systems in Auckland can be designed with filtration and treatment features to remove pollutants and debris from stormwater runoff before it reaches any natural water catchments. And by enhancing water quality, these systems will contribute to a healthier ecosystem, reducing the adverse impacts on human health.

Managing Sea-Level Rise: 

New Zealand, with its extensive coastline, is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of rising sea levels. Cities like Auckland have coastlines that cover up to 3200 km. They have the highest population density to coastline ratio in New Zealand, making them vulnerable to coastal hazards.

Therefore, the importance of sound drainage systems cannot be ignored, as they can help manage tidal and storm surges, thereby reducing the risks of saltwater intrusion into freshwater sources and protecting coastal communities, their heritage, and infrastructure.

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Supporting Sustainable Urban Planning: 

Creating resilient cities and communities that can withstand and recover from the impacts of climate-related events has become the top priority for most countries around the world.

Therefore, water management practices, such as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS), have gained popularity and are now widely accepted. And implemented in many countries. There is no denying the fact that adopting SuDS in New Zealand will provide relief from a lot of drainage-related woes, especially in cities such as Auckland and Christchurch. 

SuDS can provide guidance to designers, engineers, and urban planners, helping them to design and implement techniques that would reduce flooding, improve water quality, and promote biodiversity while ensuring urban developments become more resilient to climate change.

Overall, investing in sound drainage systems is a proactive step toward adapting to the changing climate. Thereby helping to build more sustainable and resilient societies. Our experts at Fox Drainage Auckland can assist you with your drainage solutions. Securing the future of your home from the impacts of climate change