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This post is pretty simple.

Auckland gets a lot of rain over a year. And together with all that rainwater, a whole lot of other unwanted items go down the drain and into our stormwater systems.

From there, they go to the sea and make it sick.

Stormwater management infographic
We can all do our part to make Auckland water healthier for everyone.

It makes the river sick, makes the sea sick, makes our fish sick ,and makes us sick.

Pollution comes from the most unlikely places

And some of it comes from unexpected places.

Lawn clippings that arent mulched or picked up end up in the stormwater, introducing a massive amount of phosphorous into our waterways, and adding unwanted algae into our lakes and ponds.

During Autumn, falling leaves also add huge amounts of phosphorous – up to 56% of all phosphorous comes from leaf matter. Thats quite aside from all the drain blockages, flooding and added debris we need to manage.

Even using a bit too much fertiliser adds excess phosphorous into the system.

Dog poo… don’t even get me started.

What about the soap from washing your boat? If you washed it on yor driveway the soap likely went into the stormwater along with all of the grease, grime, fuel and who knows what else.

And every year, someone decides to tip unwanted paint, turps, or other chemical down the drain. You know where it ends up.

But its not all bad

We can definitely improve things. It doesn’t have to go bad.

Many communities have turned things around by simply doing the things in the infographic above.

So have a read, and if we all play our part… we can make it beautiful again.

Driveways and Drainage

Part of the solution is installing soak holes, channel drains and lawn drains correctly and effectively. It makes so much difference.

Commercial Drainlaying
Channel drains help direct stormwater correctly

If you need a drain for your Auckland home call us, we do it all. We also do subdivision of sections and storm water extensions throughout Auckland.

We’d love to help you and we guarantee our work.


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